Updated Frequency List

This list is a compendium of frequencies that have been reported tby users of the device to have actual physiologic effects. Some of these are well know frequencies, used in a unique sequence, others are completely new heretofore unknown frequencies. This list will be updated as results are reported to me, all information should be considered as anecdotal, and not scientifically proven. These frequencies should not be considered as anything but experimental. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, NO CLAIMS ARE MADE FOR EFFECTIVENESS.

304 - Sedation or pain relief, also nice to use as the last frequency of a set of frequencies

Fibromyalgia and Joint Pains - This set has many positive reports of symptomatic relief lasting from several days to almost a week. 650, 625, 600, 240, 95, 522, 2900, 28 .

Lyme Disease 432, 484, 610, 690, 790, and 864 - Please note the use of these frequencies has produced what is known as a Herxheimer Reaction. As the spirochetes die, they release a protein toxin that can produce joint pains, weakness, and general malaise for a few days following exposure. It has been suggested that one start slow with but a minute of exposure and then gradually increase the exposure time. One should not repeat an exposure until all effects and symptoms of the previous exposure have cleared.

Lyme Disease - reported 2001 - all the above plus - 652, 1103, 1500, 4200, 450, 465.

Helicobacter Pylori - 676 linked as a causative agent in stomach ulcers.

728 - A type of Cancer cell found in blood of people with Multiple Myeloma. Causes the cells to disintegrate according to one researcher.

Flu Virus 728, 800, 880 , 7760, 8000, 8250

2050, 2180, 2452 - Non responsive to Cancer at 2128 or 2008. It has been suggested that these Cancers are formed in response to some different stimulus than commonly occurs.

Cataracts - 1830, 1600, 9999, 1552, 2110, 1335, 1654, 2187, 2195, 2211

664, 764 - very beneficial for emotional ties to diseases. 664 has apparently caused people to giggle especially in a group exposure setting.

660, 728, 787 Epstein Barr virus also has been used for Mononucleosis.

1234, 3672, 7344 Opens bronchioles makes breathing easier seems to be helpful for asthmatics. Also is quite sedating.7344 seems to work best of the three.

Sharpens Eyesight 350, 360

Herpes Zoster 1489, 1500, 1550, 2489 - relieves acute outbreak, but does not remove dormant form from body. Use of 2489 for about 30 minutes seems to provide long term benefits.

Menieres Disease - Removed all pain associated with. 9 Hz.

Hand Tremors 470 - stopped involuntary tremors in left hand of a person