Ordering Information

Ordering the book and video tape is very easy, just follow the directions below and your order will be shipped promptly to you. We utilize Priority Mail within US boundaries which has a 2 to three day delivery time.

International shipments utilize either International Priority Air Mail with a 7 to 10 day delivery time, or standard International Air Mail with a two to three week delivery time. International Priority Air Mail is available to all of Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. It is also available to a few other select countries around the world.

A few words about Plasma Sonics Ltd. Co.. I created this company to separate my Chiropractic practice from that of business related to my device. That is all there is to it.

         "Resonant Frequency Therapy"  
         "Building the Rife Beam Ray Device"               $25.00 US 
         Please include Shipping and Handling Charges of    $8.00 US 
         for each book. USA addresses only.               ========== 
                                                   TOTAL  $ 33.00 US 
         Non US addresses include shipping and Handling   $ 10.00 US 
         for each  book.                                 ============ 
                                                    TOTAL $ 35.00 US 
         Video Tape - "The Beam Ray Device"  Construction,
         Operation and Effects on Selected Micro Organisms. $20.00 US
         Available in NTSC ( North American) or European PAL formats only!
         I will send you the proper format tape for your area unless
         you stipulate a preference.  
         Shipping and Handling Charges US and Canadian      $5.00 US
         addresses only.                                   ==========
                                                   TOTAL   $25.00 US                                                       

         Non US addresses shipping and handling            $8.00 US
         charges.                                          ======== 
                                                    TOTAL  $28.00 US 

        PHONE ORDERS : James E. Bare D.C. 
                   FAX: 1-505-268-4064                
                  Do not leave ordering information on my E mail ! 
         Especially a VISA  or MASTER Card #.  Either order direct by 
         phone/fax  or use mail in form .          

If you purchase a video tape with a book , the shipping and handling charges on the video tape are free! This includes overseas shipments! The Shipping and handling charges on the book will still apply.

               Please Use This Form After Downloading The File. 
                                  ORDER FORM 
                  Please send me _______   copies of the book 
         "Resonant  Frequency Therapy - Building The Rife Beam Ray 
         Device" by James E. Bare D.C.. I enclose $ 25.00 in US funds 
         for each copy. 
         Total copies of book ordered____ @ $25.00 each=$________  
         US Shipping and Handling @ $8.00/copy = $______ 
         Foreign Shipping and Handling @ $10.00 each = $__________ 
         Copies of Video tape ordered____@ $20.00 each=$_________  
         US Shipping and Handling @ $5.00/video=$_____          
         Foreign Shipping and Handling @ $8.00 per video= $______
                                            Total : ________________
         MAKE CHECKS (US BANKS ONLY) PAYABLE TO: Plasma Sonics Ltd. Co.   
                  Please Do not Send Cash Through The Mail. 
         CITY-STATE,POSTAL CODE:__________________________________ 
                  If  you  will include your E mail address we will 
         notify  you when your order is received. 
         E Mail Address:__________________________________________ 
         We  Can  Accept Payment By Foreign Visa  and  Master Cards. 
                        VISA - MASTERCARD INFORMATION: 
         EXPIRATION DATE:________________________________________ 
         V Code - Last 3 Digits on Back of Card _________________ 
         AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE:___________________________________ 
                  SEND ALL ORDERS TO : Plasma Sonics Ltd. Co. 
                                       8005 MARBLE AVE.NE 
                                       ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87110   

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